MEPC 2021 is a Family Camp!

July 10 – 11, 2021 

We will be holding weekend activities July 10-11:

Adults on Saturday July 10, kids and parents July 11

Saturday July 10, Virtual Adult Discussion (noon-1:30pm).  Back by popular demand, Saturday July 10 will be a zoom adult session, meeting once again with camp cofounder Maha Gebara’s San Diego community.  We are planning a two-hour session on Climate Change in the Middle East.  We will hear from a speaker from each community and re-engage in robust discussion.  From California, we will hear from Professor Wael Al-Delaimy Division Chief of UCSD Global Health. Our own Professor Doug Brown will speak on ethical and political questions arising from climate migration.

Sunday, July 11, In-Person Family Camp   (9-10am sign in—4:00pm,  optional 4-5 hangout)

This is a masked, largely outdoor camp for kids and their families near the University of Washington campus. Location details provided to registrants. We hope as many people as possible will be vaccinated by then.  But because younger children cannot be vaccinated, and with more worrying Covid variants circulating, we are asking everyone to be masked when they are not eating, and we are asking an adult to remain with campers.  We will have singing, sports, art, drumming, and a climate sustainability activity.  We will also have activities for the adults.


We suggest a donation of $50 per family for the weekend. This will likely not cover our expenses for the facility rental, supplies and catering. Please consider making an additional donation if you are able.
Donations can be made on Sunday July 11 at camp -and we hope to have a donation button on our website very soon!
No one will be turned away for inability to contribute monetarily. Please consider volunteering with us to help MEPC continue in our mission to bring our communities together.

At least one adult must register and attend camp with youth campers. We'll have activities for adults, too!
Phone number requested so that we can contact you if we are unable to contact you by email.
Please list additional Family members and their ages in the box above.