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Community Participates in Pangea Day Video, about Peace.

“How Can Anyone Ever Tell You” by Libby Roderick. February 13th, 2008.

Middle East Peace Camp Tour, Carolyn Foster, The Yesler Swamp Project, July 27, 2015
In Seattle, Summer Camp Theme is Middle East Peace, Marcie Sillman, KUOW 94.9 FM, August 18, 2014
Seattle protesters call for peaceful end to Gaza Strip conflict, Emily Heffter, Seattle Times, January 4, 2009
Middle East Peace, Sara Lerner, KUOW 94.9 FM, July 14, 2008
Peace camp stresses unity in diversity, Brad Wong, Seattle PI, August 17, 2007
Middle East Peace Camp Is Activist Training Ground, Sara Lerner, KUOW 94.9 FM, August 17, 2007; download radio show, go to 30 minute mark to hear segment
Seattle’s Arab Women, Seattle Woman’s Magazine, Pat Tanumihardja, 2006
Kay Bullitt hasn’t rested in retirement, Debera Harrell, Seattle PI, February 10, 2006
Teens chow down on culture, Tan Vinh, Seattle Times, October 23, 2005
Peace Camp singers, see 200 children sing, dance for peace, Athima Chansanchai, Seattle PI, June 6, 2005; at an event sponsored by Children Sing for Peace.
Peace camp focuses on environmental issues (click on the title, 9th item in list), Janis Siegel, JTNews, August 2004
Bringing Arab And Jewish Kids Together, John Sharify, KOMO 4 News,
August 6, 2004 — See Quicktime video
A dose of hope amid deep conflicts, Robert L. Jamieson Jr., Seattle PI, August 6, 2004
Bridging Middle East gap at home, Seattle PI Editorial Board, August 5, 2004
Radio Report (MP3 file), Jennifer Wing, KPLU 88.5 NPR, August 3, 2004
MEPC Interview, Erin Hart, 710 KIRO News Radio, August 1, 2004
Arab-Jewish friendships, Seattle camp tries to make peace, one child at a time,The Western Jewish Bulletin, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, January 23, 2004
Children’s Peace Day, Mayor, City of Seattle, October 26, 2003
This Is A Message Of Peace [story & video link], John Sharify, KOMO 4 TV News, Seattle, WA, August 11, 2003.
Day camp for peace: more than a trip to the water park, Janis Siegel, The Jewish Transcript, August 2003, Issue 2
Middle East peace, one child at a time, Lynne Varner, editorial, Seattle Times, August 22, 2002
Finding common ground at peace camp, Mimi Jung, King 5 News, Seattle, WA, August 16, 2002
Children dig Middle East Peace Camp, The Jewish Transcript, August 2002, Issue 2

Peace Sculpture
On October 26, 2003, Seattle Mayor declared the day “Children’s Peace Day” because of the unveiling of our Jewish-Arab Peace Sculpture at Seattle Center. A cooperative effort created by children of The Arab Center of Washington, Kadima Reconstructionist Congregation (a progressive Jewish Organization) and the Iraqi Community Center, the children’s project led to the creation of a Peace Sculpture now permanently housed in the Peace Garden at Seattle Center. The project was founded and sponsored by local Palestinian and Iraqi artists Amineh Ayyad and Sabah al Dhaher.  Sabah created the sculpture with inspiration from children from The Arab Center, Kadima Reconstructionist Congregation, Iraqi Community Center, and The Middle East Peace Camp. For more information, see the Peace Sculpture and  Al-Dhaher.Net websites.
  • Title: Middle East Peace
  • Artist: Sabah Al-Dhaher, 2003
  • Location: Peace Garden in The Seattle Center at N. Broad St. and Fourth Ave. N.
  • Description: Marble and basalt rock sculpture with inscriptions for world peace in Arabic, Hebrew and English.

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