Middle East Peace Camp for Children
"If we are to have real peace we must begin with the children." 

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Join us at the 2014 MEPC Family Camp on August 16th and 17th! Visit the Registration page for more details. 
Counselors at MEPC 2013!
Mark your calendars!  Middle East Peace Camp 2014 will be happening on the 16 and 17 of August!
This year’s theme, light, is one that is unique in its message. After all, all humans, disregarding race, color, gender or nationality share a common necessity for light. From this point of view of seeing light as a common bond, many art and science projects can be used to show children the importance of harmony. Another way of interpreting light is to think about its relation to the concepts of enlightenment and education and how they play in important role in our lives.